Tuesday, 13 May 2014


I am delighted to inform you that we shall be receiving our full complement of students in August of this year. This will mean that the College has reached its maximum capacity of 520 students: there are no plans to extend things further.

We have had large numbers of private students applying to KYUEM but we simply haven’t the room to accommodate them all. In the past, a partial solution to this problem has been to ask those who can’t be accepted now to defer coming to us until the next January intake. This strikes me as very unfair. Typically, we accept approximately 40 students in January each year, yet such has been the demand recently that numbers considerably higher than that are going to be disappointed. For that reason, we have decided to cancel the January 2015 intake and accept more students for next semester right now. Apart from the explanation given above, there are other important reasons for this decision.

Although most of our January intake students do very well at KYUEM, there is no question that they miss out on a lot. Compressing a 2-year A Level programme into 18 months means that various things have to be sacrificed. Very few 18 month students get to sit on the Student Council or take senior roles within their houses. No one from the 18 month groups gets to sit for AS Level examinations: there simply isn’t the time for them to do so. While our 18 month students at KYUEM may ultimately do well academically, they tend to miss out on many of the extracurricular activities we are so proud to offer. This means that they are less well prepared for the rich, social and leisure opportunities a modern international university will provide.

Consequently, it has been decided to hold a moratorium on future January intakes with immediate effect. I can assure parents that the students who joined us in January 2014 will be totally unaffected – if anything, they will benefit by being a rather special case. To those students who are disappointed in their applications for August, I offer my condolences, but can only reiterate that we simply don’t have the room. No Headmaster likes to turn down applications, but the reality of the situation is that we have far more people applying to us than we can successfully accommodate. The plus side of this is that our standards remain extremely high. In fact, they are getting exponentially higher year on year, in keeping with progressive increases in international university standards. I will be delighted to welcome the new intake to KYUEM in August: you are exceptional young people and we will do our utmost to ensure you get the results you deserve in pursuit of your dreams.

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