Tuesday, 23 September 2014


The 2014 KYUEM Summit was held on Saturday, September 20, and was a resounding success. Following the pattern of the past two years, A-level students from several colleges in Malaysia all took part in plenary and group meetings based around three fundamental areas: Economic Development, Political Development and Social Development. VIPs were given lunch in the cafeteria, while students ate in the dining hall and the evening ended with a final guest speaker, presentation of awards and a formal dinner for all participants.

The day started with speeches of welcome to all our invited guests, many of whom had travelled a long way to get to us. Participants were first registered and then asked to assemble in the Great Hall for the plenary session. It all started with a short welcoming address from me, followed by a more detailed explanation of the day's events from the Summit President, Aiman Sabeh

Aiman explained how the day would be organised and what was expected of everyone. He was able to outline the various parameters and how we hoped residents and visitors alike would work together in producing some realistic proposals for the future.

The High Committee of the Summit met after the plenary session for a photograph taken with our guest speaker, Datuk Dr. Rebecca Fatima Sta Maria, Deputy Secretary of MITI; Dato' Richard Small of our Board of Governors; Pn. Halijah Ahmad, Student Services Manager; Pn. Kasthuri Thilaga, University Guidance Counsellor; and Mrs Helen Rogers, my wife.

The Politics Council was addressed by Tan Sri Rafidah binti Aziz, former politician and Chairman of Air Asia X, followed by Datuk Ir. Hj. Khairol Anuar Mohamad Tawi, founder and Chairman of the KAT group of companies. Their separate talks were followed by a lively Q&A session in which many students participated.

The Economics Council was addressed by Dr Nicholas Grigoriou, Lecturer in Marketing in the School of Business at Monash University. He was accompanied by Maizurah Mokhsein, CEO of the Malaysian Institute of Debate and Public Speaking.

Last but by no means least, the Social Council was addressed by Ashaari Rahmat and Surain A. Victor, who was also able to stay with us for the evening events later.

The evening's keynote speaker was Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, former Member of the Parliament of Malaysia and a former Deputy Minister for Higher Education.

He is seen here presenting an award to one of the successful participants of the 2014 KYUEM Summit.

It was a bit of a squeeze, but at the end, we managed to get every student involved in the Summit onto the stage of the Great Hall for a group photo. It was a truly wonderful day for all concerned. I am so proud to have been associated with it and to have experienced the quality of debate and discussion from first to last.


  1. Very well done! KYUEM - a great breeding ground for future leaders.

  2. Congrats!looking forward to receiving exciting updates!

    1. My aim since the blog first started has been to post something every week of a semester. I shall endeavour to keep doing so. Thanks for your support.