Saturday, 7 March 2015


It is always a pleasure to welcome prospective new students and their parents to a KYUEM Open Day. As I type these words today, our first Open Day of 2015 will commence shortly and we will be having a second one on March 28.

These events allow us to showcase the college to visitors, but in fact they are much more than that. Because normal classes are in operation, our guests on the campus tour get to see students in lessons, in classrooms or laboratories, taking part in real learning for a real purpose. We are, of course, all very conscious that trial examinations start later this month, with the main CIE event taking place in May and June.

I usually get a lot of visitors to my office after the main Open Day presentation asking more detailed and specific questions about what we do here and what lies ahead for their sons and daughters. I am always glad to meet with them and address their concerns as best I can. If I were to grade our "stakeholders" in order of importance, I would have to say that while students must come first, sponsors and parents are undoubtedly in joint second place. I do my best never to underestimate the commitment made in sending a young person to study at KYUEM for two years. We are very proud that you place your trust in us.

This is going to be a busy week ahead for me. The International & Private Schools Education Forum (IPSEF) hold their annual Asian Conference in KL this year and I have been invited to be a guest speaker there on Thursday, March 12. Following that on Saturday and Sunday, March 14 and 15, I will be in KL again, attending the FACON Exhibition in KLCC and making a presentation on the Saturday afternoon. I would be most glad to meet any KYUEM sponsors, parents or prospective parents who care to drop by.


  1. Hi Paul, my Jon. I can feel your passion in helping your students to develop their potential to the fullest. I was originally from East Malaysia and i have to say that the surroundings provided could be improved much more. I am really interested in visiting Kyuem one day; however i can only make it sometime around August. I hope we can arrange something. Cheers!

  2. I will be returning to KYUEM on 23 July. You will be most welcome to visit in August. Just call the college and ask for my secretary to arrange an appointment.