Tuesday, 21 April 2015


As we approach the busy examination time of year, I want to pause for a moment to reflect on the magnificent work of KYUEM's unsung heroes and heroines - the support staff.

A college of nearly 500 students and over 50 teachers requires a lot of dedicated logistics and infrastructure. From the people who staff our Student Services' Department, University Guidance, Academic Management and Bursar's office to our excellent administrators and secretaries; from our Resource Centre personnel to the Examinations Office; from the Wardens to the laboratory technicians to the matrons, just think of the range of expertise we all rely on so much.

Moreover, our students must be fed and housed, our grounds must be watered and landscaped, our classrooms, labs and hallways must be cleaned and maintained. For most of the year we take all this for granted. We don't spend much time thinking about cooks and cleaners, gardeners and maintenance staff, security guards and drivers.

So let's do so this week. On behalf of all the teachers and students at KYUEM, I say to all our unsung heroes:

THANK YOU, for all your continued hard work!

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