Friday, 19 June 2015


On Tuesday, June 16, 2015, we said goodbye to 246 graduating seniors, 97% of whom are, we sincerely hope, destined for major universities.

It was a day of mixed emotions: of course, we are proud of KYUEM students' achievements and wish them well. Of course, with their parents and sponsors in the audience, it is great to be able to celebrate their success at college. At the same time, we will really miss these young people. This has been their home for the last two years, and we have become used to thinking of them almost as family.

As usual this year, we had a very distinguished Guest of Honour: Dato' Sri Jamaludin bin Ibrahim, Chairman of Axiata. He spoke personally about life's journey and the important part of it our graduating seniors are about to embark upon. Then there were special awards for students who had done well in specialist subjects, as well as those who were rewarded for their extracurricular achievements. The culmination was the presentation of the award to Scholar Of The Year.

Our academic year is nearly over. On Saturday, June 27, we will be holding Parents' Day for all the juniors, after which they can leave us and the summer break begins. It must be remembered that for many dedicated KYUEM staff, life will carry on as normal at this time - it is only the students and the academic staff who get a holiday. Preparations are already underway to welcome and process a new batch of juniors who will be joining us at the end of July. Routine maintenance on student accommodation must now be seriously begun and all the hard work necessary for dealing with examination results and university placement will be upon us soon.

Most of our teachers will be with us next year, with the exception of Miss Kalirenawati a/p Shanmugam, whom we are losing after many dedicated years of English Language teaching at KYUEM. We wish her every success in her new appointment elsewhere. As well as replacing Rena, our teacher numbers will increase with the addition of a new specialist from the UK, Mr Paul Taylor. From next semester, he will be teaching Geography to AS and A level. It is hoped that many new juniors will opt to take the subject in their first year, while some seniors may wish to add to their UCAS points by taking Geography as an extra subject in June, 2016.

To all our students - those leaving us for pastures new, as well as those whom we look forward to welcoming back at the end of July - I wish you a pleasant vacation, quality time with your family and friends, and, above all, a belief in yourselves for the future.

On behalf of my wife and myself, and all the staff of KYUEM, have a great summer.

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