Thursday, 22 September 2016


Today, the world university rankings of the Times Higher Education Supplement are published. This is often seen as the most authoritative system, although frankly, I find them all a bit subjective. I am copying the first 25 below, so you have an idea of where the best places in the world are considered to be.

I must admit, I was surprised to see Oxford at the top - on most other lists in recent years it has dropped a few places, where Cambridge has tended to stay fairly still at either 3 or 4. If anyone wants to see the full THES list you can find it here.

Meanwhile, back here at KYUEM, next week sees the start of two weeks of internal examinations: seniors first, followed by juniors from October 4. Internal exams are an excellent measure of how well our students are coping and give teachers a good idea of individual strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, we take them very seriously, as I hope do students, parents and sponsors. For the seniors, this is the first time they may well see full-blown A2 questions similar to the ones they will encounter next May and June. For the juniors, the October internal exams are the first time we get to see what they're made of under the tough conditions of a formal testing environment. Whatever stage your sons and daughters are, we wish them every success in the next couple of weeks.