Thursday, 10 November 2016


From time to time, I need to remind our teachers, contractors and other regular visitors to KYUEM that we have a strict policy of keeping the speed down when driving on campus. The wisdom of this is obvious: with around 500 young people and close to 200 staff members, it is very important to drive safely and considerately. Since all our students only get around on foot, or occasionally on a bike, the vast majority of our residents can be regarded as pedestrians for much of the time.

Our House Parents have recently noticed that some of our students who like to jog after dark when it is cooler have been wearing mainly dark colours. The campus is, for most part, very well lit at night, but as with all such complexes, we do have some areas that are darker than others. We are working to eliminate these "dark spots" but in the meantime, I am asking all our young athletes to make sure they dress conspicuously when exercising outside at night.

Some parents will know that my wife and I walk around the campus every night around 9.00 pm, weather permitting. We are always impressed to see young people taking fitness seriously, but we need them to be clearly visible at all times. Sometimes, particularly at weekends, we encounter parents either collecting sons and daughters or bringing them back after a spell at home. I am conscious that most visitors drive safely and conscientiously and on behalf of everyone at the college, I commend them for the safe driving.

However, I also notice that there are one or two drivers who need to be advised to slow down. Last Friday, en route to a splendid Dewali Night's entertainment, we were disturbed to see a visitor to the campus driving at a speed wholly inappropriate for KYUEM at any time, but particularly so at night.

Colleagues have pointed out to me that this is rare but not uncommon and I feel it is important to bring it to everyone's attention. Safe driving on our campus is not an option - it is essential and I would urge every visitor to the college to obey the rules at all times. This is for everyone's benefit: the risk of injury or worse is unthinkable and I am sure I will have everyone's full compliance.

The semester is slowly coming to an end and is a very busy time for everyone. All kinds of celebratory events are due over the next few weeks: Bangsawan, the annual visit of young people from Wiltshire in the UK, Christmas Party and our traditional End-of-Semester Dinner. Everything finishes on December 3, when we have Parents' Day. I look forward to seeing many of you then. Because of report writing commitments and many other duties between now and the end of the semester, this will probably be my last blog post until the New Year.

Let me therefore take this opportunity to wish you all a very pleasant break with your sons and daughters at home. They must get ready for the demands of AS and A2 examinations next semester, while we will also be welcoming a new 18-month cohort joining us in January.

May 2017 bring you much joy and good fortune.

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  1. Dear Dr Paul Rogers
    Thank you for keeping us parents updated & sharing your thoughts with us this past semester.