Monday, 23 January 2017


Many KYUEM students have driving licences and are frustrated that they are not allowed to drive on campus. This is an insurance requirement and we have to insist that only parents and approved visitors to our site have permission to drive here - obeying the speed limits at all times of course.

There has been a tendency of late for students to arrange to hire a car locally at the weekend and collect it either outside the college main gate, or further afield such as Tanjung Malim. I am concerned about this for a number of reasons. To start with, we cannot be sure how reliable or safety-conscious some of these smaller car rental firms may be. Secondly, I am sure that in some cases the student's parents were completely unaware of what their son or daughter has been up to. This could create the potential nightmare scenario of a KY student being involved in a life-threatening road accident while parents and college staff were completely ignorant of the fact.

It is never my intention to make a rule just for the sake of it. Nor do I wish to discourage students doing their own thing at weekends. Moreover, we do not have the right to interfere with what students do in their own time when they are off campus.

I am, therefore, trying to be proactive about car hire and in need of parents' help. If you have no objection to your sons or daughters hiring a car for the weekend, can you please send us a formal letter stating this? We can then keep it on the student's personal file. Students will never be allowed to drive on college grounds, but we will at least be sure that anyone renting a car over a weekend or before a college holiday is doing so with his/her parents' prior knowledge and approval. If we subsequently discover that a student has been hiring a car without such a letter, we will contact the parents and/or sponsors to inform them.

Safety and security of our students at all times is a prime concern of everyone at KYUEM. If you are happy to have your son and daughter hire a car for the weekend (or indeed for your son and daughter to be a passenger in a car that another student has hired) all you have to do is let us know.

I hope you agree that this proposal makes sense and allows individuals some flexibility if they wish to travel independently at weekends.


  1. Yes, I do agree to this proposal. KYUEM should have this letter signed by the parents, in case anything happens, the school is not to be held responsible, and parents are also aware of what their children are up to

  2. Why don't all parents submit this letter to prevent KYUEM from being liable and for their children to be informed of parents stand on the matter?

    Would suggest KYUEM prepare a standard form for distribution to parents before the coming school holidays and to be returned when school re-opens. Failing which, by default parents do not approve of their children driving/riding in rented cars and college is not responsible for any untowards incidence.

  3. It's something to be considered, but frankly, the numbers do not make it worthwhile. There are only half a dozen such incidents a year thus far. Your suggestion might become more suitable if numbers increase. Thanks for your input.