Tuesday, 14 February 2017


I was disturbed last week to receive several complaints about the quality of food served in our Dining Hall. I got sent the same image several times of what appeared to be a maggot in cooked chicken, and some kind of insect in a vegetable. I also received an image of a piece of cooked chicken showing what seemed to be blood emanating from it. I responded to the queries of several parents regarding this, promising to investigate immediately and report back as soon as I had done so. Since this was a potentially serious concern, I felt it was only proper to inform everyone of my findings via this week's blog post.

Let me deal with the chicken issue first. We discovered that the piece in question had not been allowed to thaw completely after defrosting. This is an error on our part and will not be tolerated in future. If any student encounters a piece of food that s/he considers to be insufficiently cooked, they should report it immediately.

This is very important. Accurate, timely reporting of situations will lead to solutions. Taking a photograph of a piece of suspect food doesn't actually help us. Instead, when anyone encounters something remotely suspicious, s/he should report it to the Bursar or to me and keep hold of the offending item - not throw it away. I'm pretty sure each and every student in KY has my mobile number and the phone never leaves me. I will respond as quickly as possible whenever I am contacted. If any student, for whatever reason, does not have the number, my secretary, Pn. Zura will be pleased to give it, as of course, will I, if I am approached personally. I am sure that the Bursar will say exactly the same.

The "maggot" complaint has been received before, and when it happened, we were able to examine the suspect food immediately. It turned out to be a piece of chicken cartilage, that does indeed resemble a maggot when cooked. We had it analysed at the time to ensure it was the case. I am confident the same mistake was made this time, too. With regard to the insect in the vegetable, we were not able to examine this as it had already been thrown away. This is why taking a photograph alone is not very helpful. We need to see the item itself and have it sent away for proper analysis.

As it happened, a day or after these complaints came in, we were visited by official Health & Safety experts who wished to examine our kitchen and catering services generally. I am delighted to report that we received an "A" grading (which is not common, nor easy to come by). I doubt if many restaurants or even hotels in Malaysia routinely get assessed as positively as we do. This is a screen capture of their certification.

Please do not assume from any of the above that we are remotely complacent about food safety at KY. Instruct your sons and daughters to tell us, with the physical evidence, when they are unhappy about anything. We need to know if things aren't right and will make corrections as soon as we hear about problems of any kind. In this case, I believe the badly-thawed chicken was the only cause for concern, but you have my assurance that we will always be vigilant on behalf of everyone residing on our campus.


  1. Health and Safety officer gave an "A"! That is brilliant. I certainly agree with the idea of immediate complaint with physical evidence, rather than photo of rotten food which is only reported the day after

  2. Thanks for your comment and support.

  3. Did agree with your conclusion. Merely showing an A to conclude you have no problem in serving the student need in food is not the right mindset. No effort in place to ensure students are provided with adequate food and proper diets. Canteen operator frequently giving humiliating expression to students when they making a request also shown school do not pay attention to healthy culture building.

  4. Disagree not "Did agree" typo error