Friday, 24 February 2017


I sent out a letter by email to all parents after the burglary of a small number of student chalets in the small hours of Thursday, Feb 16. In that letter I promised to keep everyone updated on any progress made in the investigation of the crime.

Parents who are regular readers of this blog will know that a police investigation was launched that same day and as I type this on Friday, Feb 24, that investigation is still ongoing. We are contacting the police on a daily basis to enquire about their progress. All they will say at this time is that the investigation is continuing and that they will only report back to us when it has been concluded. We have supplied them with CCTV footage of the night in question and this is forming part of their investigation.

As soon as we heard about the events of that night, the Bursar acted in concert with our security company. Numbers of guards patrolling at night have been significantly increased as well as various other measures which I'm not going to reveal here. We will be installing bolts on the inside of every student bedroom so that our young people will themselves feel more secure at night.

I have witnessed small items of theft at KY before, over the years. In each case, they have occurred when students left their chalet or apartment outer doors unlocked and an opportunist sneak thief was able to lift items that had been left in the common areas. This latest outrage is, however, unique to me. We have never had students' bedrooms broken into before and it means that if the thief is finally apprehended, we intend to throw the book at him and allow the full force of the law to take effect.

I sometimes remind our teachers that while our students are very bright and mature, they can occasionally revert to childish behaviour with remarkable speed. This week, I had to interview some individuals who sent out an offensive tweet (quickly withdrawn, I'm pleased to say). Some other guys thought it was funny to have what looked like a female person in the window of a male bedroom, in full view of the guards. It turned out to be a crude, life-size doll in the end, but its presence diverted the guards from their main task quite unnecessarily. Perhaps the most difficult action to understand is that an occupant of one of the male chalets that was broken into, actually left his keys in the front door after he had vacated the premises. He is either remarkably absent-minded or doesn't care about what could possibly happen in consequence.

These actions are not distracting us from the task on hand, and I would like to reiterate my assurance to you that we are doing all we can while we wait for the police to report back to us. It is my hope that we can then move on and put this distressing business swiftly behind us.

Your sons' and daughters' safety and security remain our highest priority, but we must not forget the main reason they are here: trial examinations are just a few short weeks away. I sincerely hope they can maintain their focus on doing well in those and in the CIE examinations that will follow shortly afterwards.

I wish everyone a pleasant weekend.


  1. "We will be installing bolts on the inside of every student bedroom so that our young people will themselves feel more secure at night"

    Dear Sir, in regards to the above safety measure, can you give an estimate time when will the bolt be installed? The sooner the better.It cross our mind of putting the bolt ourselves. Mainly because we know that our child most of the time "deep sleep" due the hectic school day especially with the trials around the corners.

    Thank you in advance

  2. I will check and either get back to you or you can call my secretary. Thanks for the question.

  3. Please note this comment from our Bursar:

    We plan to do it within the month of March starting with the female accommodation. We would work together with the wardens and hope that all the rooms could be installed with it by the end of March.

  4. I wish all students do their best during the trial exams next month & the CIE A LEVEL in April / May 2017.Just focus on your exams folks & forget the burglary incident that struck you all recently.