Wednesday, 19 July 2017


My first task on the first blog post of the new academic year is to welcome our new junior students to KYUEM. I hope they settle in quickly and well, and adapt to life in Lembah Beringin.

It was a busy registration day yesterday, but overall, I think it went very smoothly. In the afternoon, we were also able to brief new parents on the accessibility of our Student Management System, QIAB. For a while now, this portal has been available to sponsors; yesterday, we announced the first roll out to parents as well. All parents in due course should be getting an email containing a user name and password, together with the URL of the website. From then on, you will be able to monitor your sons' and daughters' progress, attendance and the like, from home.

Last year's juniors and 18-month students are now seniors - how time flies! They, I know, will be anxiously waiting for their CIE AS results to be announced on August 10. The young people who left us in June will be even more anxious to know their A2 results, upon which their university choices depend.

While for most people, the new year starts on January 1, for us, mid July is the beginning of our year and as usual, the one ahead looks very busy indeed. I have one rather sad announcement to make for this semester already. For many years now, a party of UK students from the county of Wiltshire has visited KYUEM at the end of the first semester. Friendships between British and Malaysian boys and girls have flourished over the years and it has been a notable feature of our calendar. This year it is not to be. The number of schools in Wiltshire taking part in the scheme has been falling for a while and I learned at the end of last semester that there will be no visit this year. We will miss them.

The construction of our new classroom block is proceeding well and should be finished in time for the second semester. We need to make a decision on what to call it: the last few years, the building next to it has been referred to as the "new" block. We can hardly call our addition the "new, new" block, so I welcome suggestions with regard to a suitable name.

Lastly this week, I need to make you aware of a personal decision which I communicated to the teachers in our first meeting of the year on Monday morning. I will be stepping down as Headmaster of KYUEM in June, 2018. I informed the Board of Governors of this decision at the end of last semester. It now allows them a whole year to find a replacement and I hope to be of assistance in doing so. This has been the best job of my life, but having reached the UK retirement age of 65 in April, it is time for me to hand the reins over to someone else and to think about putting my feet up! KYUEM will always occupy a special place in my heart and in Helen's, too. Quite simply, the students here are the best in the world and I treasure the experience of having known and worked with them. I sincerely look forward to leading the college for one more year, and to aim for its continued success as always.



  1. Hi Dr Rogers. Our son is one of the junior students, who just enrolled at KYUEM last Tuesday. Tq for accepting his application, as parents we're certainly hopeful that being accepted into this prestigious institution will set him on the right path towards becoming a discerning, learned individual.

    Two disheartening news in a stride indeed - Wiltshire and your personal decision. Nonetheless, one must remain respectful of your personal choice, I suppose.

    Have a great week ahead, Dr Rogers.

    Best wishes
    Rashidah Alias

    1. Thanks a lot - greatly appreciated!

  2. We wish you a very happy and successful retirement, which we are certain is well deserved!!

    Brgds, Cdr(Rtd) Adri Juhann Abdullah

    1. Thanks for your kind words. It's still a year away, however. I fully intend to have a great 12 months at KY beforehand!

  3. It is indeed very sad to hear that you will be leaving KYUEM and I'm sure the teachers and students will miss you. Thank you for all that you have done for the college and students.

    Wishing you a wonderful "last year" in KYUEM and happy retirement.

    Raja Badrina

    1. Thanks for these very kind comments!