Friday, 4 August 2017



Today, I am delighted to welcome Mrs. Diana Osagie back to KYUEM. As a Lead Inspector for OFSTED, the UK's official monitoring body for education, she is a very experienced evaluator of schools, curricula, teaching and learning. Last semester, we were fortunate enough to have her here working with our Senior and Middle Leadership Teams on various aspects of school leadership and management.

Today, she returns to us again. This time, the focus is on teaching. She will be working with subject departments, as well as conducting coaching sessions for individuals between now and Friday, August 11.

Work of this nature is essential for all schools, but particularly with like ours which has such a valued reputation to keep. I have remarked in the past that as far as academic success is concerned, our biggest enemy is complacency and we must guard against it at all times. One way of doing so is to ensure our staff get a regular and healthy dose of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Some years ago in the UAE, I was recruiting experienced teachers who might like to consider a move into teacher training. One very promising candidate was asked what his future goals were; what he considered he needed to learn next. He replied that he had been teaching for more than 20 years and there was nothing left for him to learn - he'd seen it all. Needless to say, I did not hire him.

Diana brings a fresh eye to bear on how we do our jobs here. She is an experienced Head Teacher herself and now tours the UK as well as overseas, helping schools to improve their standards and to keep abreast of all that is new and exciting in quality education.

This means that next week some of your sons' and daughters' lessons will be disrupted: they may have a class cancelled so that their teacher can attend one of Diana's sessions. We will keep such disruption to the minimum and all teachers have been well warned of their individual time slots so that they can set private study tasks for any students who miss a class. The loss of one or two lessons must be offset against the learning and insight the teachers will undoubtedly gain. Everyone has been included and everyone gets an opportunity to learn from the visit. Diana starts tomorrow, Saturday, with a catch-up session for our senior staff. On Sunday, she will give an overview of the week's work to everyone and then join the teachers for lunch in the cafeteria.

All next week, mornings will be set aside for departmental work - all the members of a given department (or two) will attend focused input sessions. In the afternoons, Heads of Department have been asked to nominate at least two teachers who will take part in coaching sessions with Diana. For her, it will be a tiring week, but for us, the benefits are considerable.

And of course, we will all be keeping a weather eye open for CIE AS and A2 results, which are due out next Thursday, August 10th.  I hope to be able to fill you in with some statistics on these in my blog post next week.

Until then, I wish everyone a pleasant weekend.


  1. It is indeed gratifying to note that OFSTED will be able to add value to the already high teaching quality & thus benefit our children further.